4 secrets of success in work life

Too many kinds of theory on success in work life. Most of them are complex and mysterious.

I do believe that the best theory is always the simplest.

Below 4 points are part of my 2010 new year message to my team.

1. Try to foresee what you would be required to do and start to prepare in advance

This is actually the key of time management rather than working attitude.

To get things done fast somehow is a kind of given nature, that means, hard to build by training if you were born to be a slow coach.

The most feasible way is to figure out your boss's mind and working style, try to think about like :

What kind of report he/she probably need recently ?

What is the most likely job that he/she may assign to me ?

When you've got the answer, just do or prepare for it in your empty time in advance. Then you'll find your time is getting enough and on time delivery rate getting improved.

In one word : Clumsy birds have to start flying early.

2. When you've got one task, try your best to deliver a little more/better than you are required

This is related to working attitude.

Compared with computers or machines, the most valuable aspect of us, humanbings, is that we have initiatives. Try to do better and more than you are required is good not only to your boss or company, but to yourself.

Try to think like a leader does before being a leader.

3. To build your Empathy

Communication is critical to career success.Empathy is the secret of successful communication.

Before fighting back, don't forget to ask youself:

Why does he/she say/act so ?

What I suppose to do if I were him/her ?

When you've got the answer, you and others have reached the consensu which is the key to successful communication.

4. Spend sometime on reading books

Reading bring reflection.

Reading also keeps your mind open.

Here we are talking about wide-ranging reading. Don't immerse yourself in job highly correlated books that will make you narrow and boring. Successful people never do that.